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Metal wire straightening and cutting machine

In terms of cutting efficiency:
1 Fly Cutter = 3 Tracking Cutter = 5 Fixed Cutter = 10 Mechanical Cutter


This machine is mainly used for straightening and cutting round or flat metal wire, suitable for all kinds of shaft cores, pins, rivets, bearing columns, electric heating tubes in the terminal pin and fast straightening and cutting of other short material products.

Scope of application

  1. Applicable materials: copper, iron, aluminium, titanium, molybdenum, stainless steel, spring steel, galvanized wire, water powder wire, etc.
  2. Applicable industries: fan guards, pet cages, chicken cages, air conditioning mesh covers, bicycle baskets, banners, umbrella stands, bird cages, refrigerator shelves, wire mesh baskets, construction wire, wire mesh screens and other metal wire to be straightened and cut
  3. Wire diameter range: 0.1-16 mm.
  4. The use of tungsten steel molds for construction wire and nodular molds for other products ensures that the wire will not damage the surface.

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