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Bending Machine WG01

Universal Bending machine WG01

Tope machinery makes a wide range of bending machine, from the small hand operated mould to large CNC machines.

WG01 Single head universal bending machine with two bending heads, controlled by PC, specially designed for tubular elements. It can bend the product with two different radius at a time, the machine could use the right bending head automatically to bend the different radius. And you can program yourself, within half an hour you can learned how to set the parameters, unlike CNC machine, you have to know the knowledge of G code. It consists of a single bending head controlled by AC. Servo motor(BRAND ESTUN). The electronic parts, like sensors, valves are SMC or OMRON brand. The bending mandrel can be easily changed within 10 seconds for changing bending radius. A pneumatic, V-shaped support makes it easy to place the elements in right position.

Main technical information:

1.Diameter:4~20mm(depending on tube material)
2.Diameter tolerance +/-0.1mm
3.Bending radius:∮11~55mm.
4.Torque: 120N.M
5.The No. of angles per cycle can be set and stored in PLC(BRAND DELTA).Totally 50 programs can be stored.
6.Equivalent sound lever: less than 70 dB(A)
7.The tooling time for changing settings(depending on the complexity of shape) is normally 0.5 ~1.5 hours.
8.The cycle time for feeding and bending is 4 seconds.
9.The bending speed is fixed.
10.Power supply: tri phase 380V,50Hz
11.Rated power:4KW
12.Air supply:5~7kg/cm2

Number of elements that can be bent at the same time:
Stainless steel ∮6.4mm max 4pcs
Stainless steel ∮8.2mm max 3pcs
Stainless steel ∮14mm*1.0mm max 1pcs

Video of Universal Bending machine

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