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Combined With welded tube equipment manufacturing, welded tube production, welded tube technological development, we not only provide stainless steel welded tube equipment, but also provide high quality precision welded pipe, welded pipe technology and other complete sets of solutions to provide the best supporting services to our customers.

Automated production process: continuous forming process by uncoiling, cleaning device, feeding guide, forming, welding, external welding seam grinding, shaping and calibrating diameter, straightening, cutting to length or coiling etc.

The equipments for producing welded tube is mainly divided into 2 typs. One is mainly for the production of stainless-steel tube Welding Machine (with TIG argon arc welding machine). The other is mainly for the production of carbon steel pipe and galvanized pipe, mainly using high-frequency welding machine. For stainless steel pipes, TIG argon arc welding Machines are generally used.

Carbon steel pipe is a steel pipe produced from carbon steel, containing about 0.05% to 1.35% of carbon. The most commonly used iron pipes are belong to the carbon steel pipes.

The Difference Between Decorative Pipe Welding Machine and Industrial Pipe Welding Machine

Firstly, stainless steel decorative tube making machines are generally used to produce decorative pipes. The requirements are not as high as industrial pipes, hence the requirements of the equipment is relatively lower. There are still some requirements though, such as the surface of the pipe cannot have strains, welding seams have to be fully welded etc. As long as attention is paid on the technical level, the decorative pipes are very easy to meet the requirements. So the requirements of the machine are not very strict.

The stainless-steel industrial tube welding machine mainly produces industrial pipes. These type of pipes have more strict requirements for the quality of the welding seam and diameter, generally there are corresponding standards and limits. Not only the appearance have to be beautiful, the welded pipes cannot have trachoma leak and false welding, because the presence of false welding will have a direct impact on the pressure-bearing capacity of the weld seam. In addition, the industrial pipe making machine will have to be able to work with other related equipments to meet the standards. The production of decorative tubes usually requires polishing solution. Industrial pipe making machines can be equipped with internal welding seam treatment equipment, or in-line annealing equipment. So the processing and production of industrial pipe making machine is much stricter than the decorative pipe making machine.

Tube Making Machine specially designed for producing seam-welded tubes in stainless steel or heat-resistant alloys.

Making high quality Stainless Steel Tubes.
flexible, saving material, high output and high accuracy.

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