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Trim Machine CG02

Automatic Trim Machine CG02

The CG02 Double End Trim Machine is similar in operation, but because both ends of the element are trimmed simultaneously and also because the elements are automatically ejected, it has a higher production rate. The operator only need to load the elements into guide blocks. The trim heads are mounted on rails for simple and fast length adjustments.

Main Models
Power supplyTriphase 380V,50Hz,0.8KWTriphase 380V,50Hz, 1.6KWTriphase 380V, 50Hz, 1.2KW
Air supply5~7kg/cm25~7kg/cm25~7kg/cm2
Tube diameter(mm)Φ6~Φ12Φ5.2~Φ15
Tube length(mm)Above 100100~2000
Max. Trim length(mm)3838
Efficiency(8h)4500pcs5500pcs(below 500mm long)4000pcs~5000pcs
Size(L*W*H)mm800*550*10002100*850*1350(one meter machine)800*800*660

Video of Trim Machine C02

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