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Trim Machine CG01

Semi automatic Trim Machine CG01

The CGO1 single end Trim Machine is a hand-loaded unit that clamps the element and then strips back the MgO and the tubular sheath to expose the predetermined terminal pin length. It trims one end of the element at a time, and the trimmed elements are then manually removed from the machine. This unit is intended for medium to small production levels, but is very versatile and can easily be changed for different element diameters, materials, or lengths.

Main Models
Model CG01 CG02 CG03
Power supply Triphase 380V,50Hz,0.8KW Triphase 380V,50Hz, 1.6KW Triphase 380V, 50Hz, 1.2KW
Air supply 5~7kg/cm2 5~7kg/cm2 5~7kg/cm2
Tube diameter(mm) Φ6~Φ12 Φ5.2~Φ15
Tube length(mm) Above 100 100~2000
Max. Trim length(mm) 38 38
Efficiency(8h) 4500pcs 5500pcs(below 500mm long) 4000pcs~5000pcs
Size(L*W*H)mm 800*550*1000 2100*850*1350(one meter machine) 800*800*660
Weight(kgs) 130 450 600

Video of Trim Machine C01

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