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Swaging Machine DGSG01
Swaging Machine DGSG01
  • Swaging Machine DGSG01
  • Mould
  • Mould
  • Swaging Machine
  • Swaging Machine DGSG01
  • Swaging machine for cartridge heater DGSG01

    Hammer-type Swaging Machine is suitable for small output and heating elements with many diameters. It is mainly used for cartridge Heaters and taper head of the heating elements. The main advantage is that it is convenient to replace the mold (four-pieces structure).

    • It is a economical machine makes the tubes smooth surface.
    • Easy to operate and maintain.
    • Small volume, compact structure.

    Technical information

    1. Power supply: triphase 380V,50Hz
    2. Rotation speed of main spindle: 272rpm
    3. Power of motor:5.5KW
    4. Rotation speed of motor:1450rpm
    5. Max. dia. Of tube:35mm
    6. Feeding speed:5~6m/min.
    7. Motor of oil pump:DB-25A120W
    8. Size (L * W * H):1120*950*1340mm
    9. Weight:650kgs


    Video: Swaging Machine DGSG01

    Video: Swaging Machine DGSG01

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