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Straightening machine XZ01-3 for tubular heater
Straightening machine for tubular heater

Straightening machine XZ01-3

Straightener for electric heater

Straightening machine XZ01-6

Straightener XZ02 for heating elements

Straightener XZ02

Straightening machine XZ01-3/XZ01-4/XZ01-6

are used to straighten kinds of annealed tubes or rods.


The height and angle of rollers are adjustable, can satisfy kinds of specifications.
Adopts hyperboloid roller design which can improve the surface and roundness of tubes.
Six durable alloy tool steel rollers.
Easy to operate.

XZ02 Straightening machine

mainly used to straighten kinds of copper, iron, stainless steel annealed tubes.


Alternating roller design which will not damage the tubes and straighten very well.
Good quality alloy tool steel rollers.
Stable quality.

Main Models
Model XZ01 XZ02
Power supply Triphase 380V,50Hz,1.5KW Triphase 380V,50Hz,30KW
Tube diameter(mm) Φ5~Φ21 Φ5~Φ12
Tube length(mm) more than 250 more than 150
Roller No.(pcs) 3/4/6 22
Size(L*W*H)mm 1300*700*1200 1350*1000*1250
Weight(kgs) 360 800

Video of Straightening machine XZ01-3

Video of Straightening machine XZ01-4

Video of Straightening machine XZ01-6

Video of Straightening machine XZ02

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