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Stainless Steel Tube Making Machine
Stainless Steel Tube Making Machine
  • Stainless Steel Tube Making Machine
  • Panasonic Welding Equipment
  • Panasonic Welding Equipment
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Stainless steel industrial tube making machine production line -high precision argon arc welding machine - used for electric heating, automotive, heat exchange, air energy, refrigeration equipment, pressure vessels.

    Fully automatic stainless steel Tube Making Machine, one person can take care of six Machines, the speed is increased by 40%, and the yield is over 98%.


    1.Specially used in the production of various types of stainless steel precise welded pipes for electric heating, heat exchange, automotive and industrial use.

    2.Professional machine manufacturer of welded Stainless Steel Tubes with high precision Φ4-Φ50*(0.15-4.0)mm

    3.Continuous forming, precise welding, compact structure, precise control and easy operation.

    4.The main electric control of the tube making machine adopts man-machine interface and PLC control, Panasonic welding equipment which is easy to operate, stable and durable.

    5.The mould of welding and the main parts of the machine are processed by CNC center to ensure the overall accuracy of the machine. The roundness tolerance of the welded tube can reach: ±0.05mm, and the roundness of tubes with special requirement can reach: ±0.015mm (surpassing the most of domestic competitors) , length tolerance ±0.5∽5mm, reliable welding, stable performance, good appearance, and smooth feel.

    6.The welding part adopts our company's unique technology of sealed water-cooled welding box, which can ensure that the welding seam is not oxidized, the welding is continuous and stable, and the tube can be continuously welded for more than 12 hours without changing the quality of the welding seam.
    Water-cooled-sealed-welding-box-1.jpg Water-cooled-sealed-welding-box-2.jpg
    7.The support of the welding gun adopts the up and down pneumatic method, fine-tuning with the fine screwed rod in four directions: up, down, front and back , we also add welding surport of double-guns for thick-wall tubes (wall thickness above 1.0mm), which can be equipped with double welding guns to weld the tube at the same time, which can improve the welding speed and the quality of welding seam.
    Supporter-of-Double-Pneumatic-Welding-Gun-1.jpg Supporter-of-Double-Pneumatic-Welding-Gun-2.jpg
    8.The welding seam grinding adopts the newly developed technology of fully automatic microcomputer controller to ensure the welding seam grinding is uniform.
    9.We developed the On-line annealing equipment with the cooperation of the largest professional manufacturer of high-frequency power supply in China, replacing the traditional method of annealing which needs pickling, ensuring stable and consistent mechanical properties of steel tubes after annealing. This equipment has been used by many customers for a long time.

    10.Technical advantages: we got the advantages of new technologies such as "automatic welding seam tracking and correction", "online/offline eddy current flaw detection and sorting", "online annealing", "online rotary cutting", "online/offline straightening" and so on.

    Construction of Tube making machine:

    1.Double strip dereeler
    2.strips cleaning box
    3.Strip forming rolls with stands
    4.TIG-welding unit with Arc stabilizer
    5.Calibration rolls with stands
    6.Tube receiving table(optional)


    Welding seam tracking system
    On-line inner welding seam grinding machine
    On-line bright Annealing Machine
    Tube Cutting Machine
    Eddy Current Tester
    Straightening Machine
    Ponishing machine

    Range of application

    Heat exchanger
    Air Energy
    Automotive Tube
    Refrigeration Equipment
    pressure vessel

    Main models (can be produced on-demand)
    ModelHorizontal shaft diameter(mm)Vertical shaft diameter(mm)Range of diameter(mm)Wall Thickness(mm)Motor power(KW)WheelsstraightenerProducing speed(m/min)Dimension(L×W×H)
    HG-16Ø32Ø20Ø4- Ø160.15~0.34————1~124300×600×725
    HG-30Ø32Ø20Ø5- Ø180.3~0.85.51×2.2kw2 sets1~125300×635×525
    2×3kw2 sets1~105800×635×525
    HG-40Ø40Ø25Ø6- Ø25 Ø9.5- Ø38 Ø12.7-Ø50.80.3~1.8 0.3~2.0 0.3~2.05.5-111×3kw2 sets1~107100×750×725
    2×3kw2 sets1~107800×1200×725
    3×3kw2 sets1~107800×1200×725
    HG-50Ø50Ø35Ø38- Ø760.4~3.016.53×3kw2 sets0.5~69000×1250×550
    HG-60Ø60Ø40Ø50.8- Ø1140.8~3.018.53×3kw2 sets0.5~611000×1500×550
    HG-80Ø80Ø50Ø76- Ø1680.8~4.036.53×5.5kw2 sets0.5~613000×2100×550
    HG-100Ø100Ø70Ø100- Ø2191.5~4.5453×5.5kw2 sets0.5~314000×2300×550


    Video: Stainless-Steel-Tube-Making-Machine.mp4

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