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Spring Winder
Spring Winder
  • Spring Winder
  • Spring Winder Sample
  • Spring Winder Sample
  • CNC spring winder

    This equipment is suitable for making heating coil of hair dryer, electric comb, electric heater, heating plate, clothes dryer, hand dryer, aquarium rod, hot air gun, quartz heater, popcorn machine etc.


    Weilun touch screen of Taiwan
    Schneider control switch of France
    Omron Power
    Intelligent double servo motor
    AirTAC pneumatic component of Taiwan
    long service life and stable operation

    Technical parameters

    Rated voltage: 220VAC
    Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
    Rated power: 820W
    Working air pressure: more than 5.0kgf/cm2
    Spindle speed: 0-5500rpm (adjustable)
    Applicable resisteance wire: wire diameter 0.08-1mm
    Winding mandrel:diameter 1.5-8.5mm
    Number of segments: 1-50 segments (pitch of each segment can be set separately)
    Spring length:0-430mm
    Lenth of end line :start end 8-70mm ID 2.5mm; end at 15-120mm


    Spring winder

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