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1 Silicone oil technical information 2 The main use of silicone oil 3 Packaging, transportation and precautions
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Silicone oil | Moisture-proof | for high temperature insulation of electric heaters | heating elements

Silicone oil technical information

  1. Appearance: colorless or transparent oily liquid
  2. Viscosity (25°C, mm2/s): 25-28
  3. PH:6-8
  4. Refractive rate(25°C) : 1.394~1.419
  5. Specific gravity (25°C) : 0.98~1.10
  6. Solid content %≥100
  7. Stability: no stratification, no floating oil, no precipitation

The main use of silicone oil

As the basic raw material of foam stabilizer, defoamer, water-soluble silicone oil and other products, it can be used as waterproof agent, anti-adhesive agent, anti-sticking agent, corrosion agent or softener, pre-treatment of insulation sealing of electric heaters or heating elements etc..

Packaging, transportation and precautions

The Silicon Oil is packed in 200kg iron drum or 100kg, 50kg plastic drum, it must be stored in a ventilated, cool, dry place, avoid mixing with acid, alkali and other impurities, there may be bulging during storage, you can open the drum and release it in time, avoid any flames . The effective storage period is half year, and it still can be used after passing the re-inspection beyond the storage period. This product is non-toxic, and it is stored and transported as non-dangerous goods.

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