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Tube Cutting Machine QG01

Tube cutting machine

*Highly accurate cut lengths
*Burr free ends (except QG03)
*No internal contamination from chips, grease, or oil(except QG03)
*It will cut stainless steel, incoloy, copper and mild steel tubing.
*Standard collets are used to clamp the tubing, and this makes changing diameters very simple and fast(except QG03).
*The cutoff length is also easily adjustable.
*QG04 mainly used after tube making machine.

Main Models
Model QG01 QG02 QG03 QG04
Power supply Triphase 380V 50Hz 0.8KW AC380V,50Hz Triphase 380V 50Hz,1.6KW Triphase 380V 50Hz,2.8KW
Air supply 5~7 kg/cm2 5~7 kg/cm2 5~7 kg/cm2 5~7 kg/cm2
Tube O.D.(mm) Φ5.0~Φ25.0 Φ5.0~Φ25.0 Φ6.0~Φ50 Φ5~ 12(standard)
Efficiency(8h) 8000~10000pcs about 30000pcs 30000pcs~50000pcs
Size(L*W*H)mm 800*500*900 Size of main machine:800*500*900mm
Size of feeding part: 5500*730*640mm(6meters long tube)
1500*800*1500 1800*700*1500
Weight(kgs) 120 300 550 850


Video: Tube Cutting Machine QG01

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