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Sealant Epoxy For Electric Heaters

Epoxy Resin Adhesive Sealer (AB) - For Sealing Electric Heaters

Epoxy resin adhesive usually refers to epoxy resin as the main agent of the adhesive made. Epoxy Resin Adhesive generally should include the epoxy resin curing agent, otherwise the adhesive will not be solidified. It has good temperature resistance, good insulation, and water-boiling resistance, as well as good anti-cracking and high thermal conductivity. High temperature curing required

Product Features

  • Insulation performance: Excellent insulation performance and protects the components in a high voltage environment for proper function.
  • Thermal conductivity: Thermal conductivity is 0.75 W/m.K.. Can be used for sealing high power components.
  • High rigidity: Dimensionally stable and prevents components from being damaged by external impact.
  • High temperature resistance: Temperature resistance up to 150 degrees.


Widely used in heating elements,Voltage apparatus, coils, motors and other industries, suitable for high temperature resistance requirements

Physical Properties

NameAppearanceViscosity(25°C)Density(25°C)Flash Point
A(epoxy resin)Light brown liquid85000m Pa.s1.72g/mI180°C
B(curing agent)Brown liquid13000m Pa.s1.87g/mI140°C

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