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Rolling Mill Improve The Accuracy

Rolling Mill - edges

After reducing the diameter, this machine can be used to improve the accuracy of the hot runner heater to ±0.05mm, and the edges are uniform.

Technical parameters

1. Sizes of hot runner heater: 2.2x4.2 3.5x3.5 double slots (can be manufactured according to customer requirements)

2. Motor power: 0.75kw

3. Gearbox ratio: 1:40

4. Roller wheel size: 118.5 (outer diameter) X50 (inner diameter) X60 (length)

5. Voltage: 380V, 50Hz (according to customer requirements)

6. Volume(L*W*H): 500mmX500mmX1150mm

7. Weight: about 150kgs


Video: Rolling Mill Improve The Accuracy

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