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Polisher For Bend Tube
Polisher For Bend Tube
  • Polisher For Bend Tube
  • Sample Of Polisher For Bend Tube
  • Sample Of Polisher For Bend Tube
  • Curving Tube Polishing Machine

    Brief introduction

    Curving Tube Polishing Machine is a high-efficiency polishing machine. It is a better solution for tube sanding, polishing, and even mirror polishing.

    1. Suitable for straight, curving, round, flat oval pipe, and other workpiece surface sanding, with the advantages of stable mechanical performance, safe and practical, simple operation, easy maintenance, etc.
    2. This product is widely suitable for various medium and high-end industries. Can polish: steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, non-ferrous metal pipe, aluminum pipe, copper pipe, etc.
    3. 360-degree precise polishing on the surface of round (oval) tubes without rotating the pipe itself.
    4. Brushing and polishing the tube surface using different grit-sized polishing tape produces various effects or using mirror polishing tape to create a bright polish on the tube.

    Main Models

    Model Sanding Belt Circumference mm Sanding Belt Width mm Processing Diameter mm Processing Accuracy mm Motor Power kW Speed Control Mode Dimension(L*W*H)mm Weight kg
    PG03-30 550 15 5-30 0.01 2.2 Frequency Conversion 650*650*100 260
    PG03-60 1020 25-50 20-60 0.01 3.7 800*800*1200 300
    PG03-100 1250 50 60-100 0.01 4.5 850*1050*1300 400
    PG03-180 1450 50 100-180 0.01 5.2 1050*1250*1300 600

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Question: Will the 45-degree bevel cut of the pipe opening damage the polishing tape?
      Answer: The beveled opening does not affect and will not damage the polishing belt.
    2. Can two different grit-sized polishing tapes be installed simultaneously to increase the polishing efficiency?
      Generally, two sanding belts of the same strength, if one is coarse while the other is fine, the polishing effect will not be uniform and not ideal. To increase the polishing efficiency, it is best to use two machines installed with different grid-sized tapes.


    Video: Polisher For Bend Tube PG03

    Video: Polisher For Bend Tube | PG03-180 | dia-150mm

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