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Our Services

Our services include pre-sales service, in-sales service and after-sales service.

Pre-Sales Service

  • Provide intelligence for customers. Our company will release the latest news about electric heating market and products from time to time, and our professional market research team will conduct industry data mining, data analysis, data integration and analysis. Please pay attention to the special channel - TECH .
  • Highlight product features and answer questions. There are many products that look similar in the market, how do you choose the right product for yourself? Through phone, SMS, email, WhatsApp, etc., our engineers who have been working in the field of electric heating for more than ten years will explain the differences between the various products, including the performance, structure, technology, functions, and rules or tips for using the products.
  • From time to time, we will hold free industry seminars for everyone to learn and exchange knowledge and experience about electric heating technology.

In-Sales Service

  • Receive customer inquiries, written correspondences, or site visits.
  • Further understand the needs of customers, introduce display products to customers, explain in detail how to use the products, help customers select products, answer questions raised by customers, etc. Most of our products are available for customization.
  • According to the customer's needs, we will provide a complete solution and quotation within 24 hours, as well as discuss on free samples.
  • All of our orders are tracked with a unique barcode, recording all the details of the customer's requirements.

After Sales Service

  • Install and configure mechanical products.
  • Technical guidance on the use of the products according to customer requirements.
  • Ensure the supply and maintenance of spare parts.
  • Maintenance services.
  • "Three guarantees" for all our products, i.e. warranty, exchange and return.
  • Promptly respond to customers' written correspondences, welcome them for visits, and answer all inquiries. Use various methods to collect customer opinions on product quality, and timely improve accordingly.

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