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Photos 1 Sealed quartz glass tube at one end 2 Large Diameter Opaque Quartz Tubes 3 Dimensional deviation 4 Quality of Appearance 5 Physical and Chemical Properties 6 Performance Parameters of Opaque Quartz Tubes Customers who bought this product also bought
Opaque Quartz Tubes
Opaque Quartz Tubes
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  • Opaque Quartz Tubes Stock
  • Quartz Tubes Opaque | Satin (Translucent)

    Quartz glass tube is divided into transparent Quartz Tube and opaque quartz tube, the latter is made by evenly disperse countless tiny bubbles within the glass during the production, the total surface area of the bubbles per unit volume is large, which can increase the dispersion of heat radiation rays in quartz glass and improve the Infrared absorption capacity of quartz glass, that is the radiation capacity, to effectively prevent heat loss. This type of opaque quartz glass uses SiO 2 of about 99.9% as the raw material, the long-wave infrared transmittance is more than 70%, strong resistance to acids and alkalis, long-term high temperature resistance is up to 1050°C. The milky white opaque quartz tube provided by our company, after 15 minutes in a 900°C environment, then put into cold water of 0°C for 20 minutes (repeated three times), the quartz tube has no cracks, and is the ideal material for Heaters, microwave ovens, electric ovens, sterilization cabinets and strong acid heaters, and we can offer deeper processing such as cutting, bending and end burning according to customers' needs.

    Sealed quartz glass tube at one end

    This kind of quartz heating tube is mainly used for chemical heating and has resistance to acids and alkalis.

    Large Diameter Opaque Quartz Tubes

    We offer large diameter opaque quartz glass tubes with a maximum outer diameter of 60 mm and a thickness of 5 mm. The surface is clear and free of black lines, bubbles, suitable for chemical testing, heating... and other applications.

    Product sizes we can provide, OD4mm - OD60mm; Length 20 mm — 5000 mm.

    Normal sizes of quartz tube in Stock: OD10MM, OD12MM, OD18MM, OD23MM, OD35MM, OD38MM

    We also help customers develop and produce custom-made Quartz Tubes, such as explosion-proof red quartz tubes and high transmittance yellow tubes. In addition, we have a special deeper processing department of quartz products, which mainly produces end burnt quartz tubes, sealed quartz tubes, U-shaped, round quartz tubes, and other shapes of quartz tubes.

    Dimensional deviation

    Outer diameter, wall thickness deviation and oval

    Outer Diameter Range

    Deviation of OD

    Deviation of Thickness

    Deviation of Wall



    7.0-15.00 mm±2.0%±10%0.11.5%2‰
    20.00-25.00 mm±1.5%±10%0.151.5%2.5‰
    25.00-35.00 mm±2.0%±10%0.151.5%2.5‰
    35.00-50.00 mm±2.0%±10%0.151.5%2.5‰

    Note: The outer diameter of the half-sphere of the sealing section shall not exceed the outer diameter of the opaque tube, and the wall thickness shall not be less than three-quarters of the wall thickness of the opaque quartz tube.

    Length deviation

    The length deviation is 0mm~5mm.


    When the length is less than 1 m, the curvature should not be more than 0.15% of the length of the tube, and when the length is more than or equal to 1 m, the curvature should not be more than 0.2% of the length of the tube.

    Quality of Appearance

    1. The inner and outer surfaces of the milky white tube should be smooth and clean, the ends should be flat, and there should not have dent or slot with a depth or width more than one-third of the wall thickness.
    2. The opaque white tube should be bright and milky white, through the eye, the small air lines and bubbles on the wall and at the sealing end should be evenly distributed.
    3. There should be no cracks, crystal lines, or broken skin lines on the inner and outer walls of the milky white tube. There should not be scratches with a width more than 0.5 mm and length more than 10 mm. The ridge of the groove should not be greater than 1/3 of the eccentricity of the quartz tube.
    4. For every 100 cm 2 of milky white tube surface, a coloured line with width less than 0.5 mm and length less than 5 m is allowed.
    5. There must be no impurity points or raw flour particles with a diameter more than 1 mm in the milky white tube, and 4 impurity and raw flour particles with a diameter of no more than 1 mm are allowed within each 100cm 2 surface area".

    Physical and Chemical Properties

    Degree of opacity

    The maximum spectral transmittance in the visible range of 380 nm ~ 780 nm should be less than 8%.

    SiO 2 content

    The silica (SiO 2 ) content is more than 99.50%.

    Thermal Stability

    Samples are kept at (800±5) °C for 15 min, then immediately be put into cold water at (20士2) °C for cooling, repeat this for 3 times without bursting, chipping, or cracking.

    Performance Parameters of Opaque Quartz Tubes



    Maximum Operating Temperature1100°C (continuous), 1300°C (short time), 1650°C (instant cooling)
    Specific Gravity2.15×103 kg/m3
    Coefficient of Thermal Expansion5.4×10-7 cm/°C
    Dielectric Strength2×1014Ω-m (at 20°C), 2×105Ω-m (at 800°C)
    Withstand Voltage (5mmt)10KV/mm (at 20°C), 2~3KV/mm (at 500°C)
    Thermal conductivity0.0033cal/cm・sec・°C
    Density1.92 x 103 kg/m3
    Compressive strength>1.0 x 109 PA (N/M2)
    Thermal conductivityLow
    Heat Ratio640J/kg 1600 °C
    Softening point1600°C
    Annealing point1050°C
    Chemical ResistanceExcept for hydrofluoric acid and hot phosphoric acid, any other acid and even aqua regia have little or no corrosion on opaque glass

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