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Mica Winder Deep U Shape
Mica Winder Deep U Shape

Mica Winder Deep U Shape

Mica Winder Cone Type

Mica Winder Cone Type

Mica Winder cylinder Type

Mica Winder cylinder Type

Mica Winder Deep U Shape YMRX02

Touch screen man-machine interface, mica pitch density is adjustable on the screen, suitable for winding mica core with relatively large slope, the slope of mica heating core can be wound 3-5 degrees; heating wire can be wound automatically in a wave shape. It can be completed at one time. It does not require multiple procedures. The speed is fast and the production efficiency is high. It saves a lot of human resources. Under correct operating conditions, it can avoid wire clamping, wire damage, wire breakage, etc., with long service life and high reliability.

The applicable winding products are: hair dryer, fan heater, hand dryer, hair clip, hair comb, hair straightener, toaster, etc.
Heating wire forming shape: U-shaped wave type, straight type, etc.
Japan Mitsubishi control system.

Product Specifications:

Rated voltage:220VAC
Rated power:1800W
Winding shaft speed:10~200rpm(adjustable)
Flat heating wire:width:0.5~2.5mm thickness:0.1~0.3mm
Round heating wire:dia. 0.22~0.8mm
Depth of wave:4~10mm
Length of element:185mm
Applicable wire number: 1~3 (the wire diameter should be the same when double wires and three wires are wound at the same time)


Video of Mica Winder-Cone Type

Video of Mica Winder-cylinder Type

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