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Magnesium Oxide Powder Middle Temperature Mez

Magnesium oxide powder-Middle temperature MEZ

The middle temperature magnesium oxide powder adopts more than 97% fusing MgO powder as raw material. After crushing and grinding, adding proper additive, then fabricate it through high-temperature calcination.

1.Hight temperature resistance: excellent electrical performance, under middle temperature, it has low leakage of current, high security, is widely used for heaters of middle temperature.
2.High performance of filling: good flow property, can be more denser, good thermal effects.
3.MEZ-1 without silicon oil, is suitable for heater which is fabricated by hight temperature treatment. MEZ-2 and MEZ-3 with silicon oil, good moisture resistance, heater can be used directly without sealing. Production process is more simple and low cost.

Electrical properties comparison of Magnesium oxide-middle temperature

Temperature of operation °C≤700≤700≤600
Normal conditionInsulation resistance MΩ≥1000
Breakdown voltage V2500
Heating conditionSurface load w/cm2877
Current Leakage mA≤0.2≤0.2≤0.15
Insulation resistance MΩ≥3≥3≥4
Breakdown voltage V≥1800
Humid conditionsInsulation resistance MΩ0≥1000≥1000
Breakdown voltage V025002500

Chemical and physical properties comparison of Magnesium oxide-middle temperature

Silicone oil treatmentwithoutwithwith
Chemical analysis(%)MgO≥95
Physical Propertiesdistribution of grain40-32540-32540-325
flow speed s/%180±15180±15180±15
Density of vibration g/cm32.30-2.402.30-2.402.30-2.40

Application of Magnesium oxide-middle temperature

heater for industrial boilerheater for Electric kettlealuminium fin heater
Heater for industrial boilerHeater for Electric kettleAluminium fin heater
oil heaterheater for soybean milk maker
Oil heaterHeater for soybean milk maker

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