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Magnesium Oxide Powder High Temperature Meg

Magnesium oxide powder-high temperature MEG

The high temperature magnesium oxide powder adopts more than 98% fusing MgO powder as raw material. After crushing and grinding, adding proper additive, then fabricate it through high-temperature calcination.

1.Hight temperature resistance: excellent electrical performance, under high temperature, it has low leakage of current, high security, is widely used for heaters which used for dry heating.
2.High performance of filling: good flow property, can be more denser, good thermal effects.
3.Without silicon oil, greatly extend the life of heater under high temperature environment.

Electrical properties comparison of Magnesium oxide-high temperature

Temperature of operation °C≤1050≤800≤800
Electrical PropertiesNormal conditionInsulation resistance MΩ≥1000
Breakdown voltage V2500
Heating conditionSurface load w/cm21099
Current Leakage mA≤0.2
Insulation resistance MΩ≥3
Breakdown voltage V≥1800
Humid conditionsInsulation resistance MΩ0
Breakdown voltage V0

Chemical and physical properties comparison of Magnesium oxide-high temperature

Silicone oil treatmentwithout
Chemical analysis(%)MgO≥96
Physical Propertiesdistribution of grain40-32580-32540-325
Flow speed s/%150±15160-180150±15
Density of vibration g/cm32.28-2.502.24-2.342.28-2.50

Application of Magnesium oxide-high temperature

heater for bread toasterindustrial cartridge heaterheater for industrial furnaceheater for electric oven
Heater for bread toasterIndustrial cartridge heaterHeater for industrial furnaceHeater for electric oven

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