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1 Main Performance 2 Technical Parameters:
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Hydraulic Stretching Machine

Hydraulic tube stretching machine LS01

The Hydraulic tube stretching machine is used to stretch tubes with different length to equal length.

Main Performance

  1. Advanced Technology;Cost Saving.
  2. Hydraulic stretching,;Stable Quality.
  3. PLC Automatic Controlled,;Easy to Operate.
  4. Length Accuracy: + /-0.5mm

Technical Parameters:

  1. Power Supply: Triphase 380V, 50Hz
  2. Rated Power: 3.8KW
  3. Air Supply:5~7 kg/cm2
  4. Applicable Tube Diameter: ф 6mm~16mm ( It can be custom-made )
  5. Production Efficiency: 5000pcs/8h
  6. Size (L * W * H) :4600*1200*1650 ( mm )
  7. Weight: 720kg

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