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Photos 1 Single centrality Powder Filling Machine vs Double or Triple centrality Powder Filling Machine 2 Motor Eccentric Wheel Vibration VS Electromagnetic Vibration 3 Electrical Control VS PLC Program Control 4 Tips for Selecting a Powder Filling Machine Customers who bought this product also bought
Filling Machine For Tubular Heater TF02

How to choose the filling machine for tubular heaters?

Author:Judy Peng TOPE INT’L CO., LIMITED

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Single centrality Powder Filling Machine vs Double or Triple centrality Powder Filling Machine

The main function of centralizing Guide Tube is to make the Resistance Wire always fixed in the center of the metal tube in the process of filling powder. This is to achieve good insulation and voltage resistance for optimal electrical performance. Regardless of which machine model,it is necessary to ensure the centrality of the resistance wire in the tube. Using the isolation foot of the guide tube to make a certain distance between the inner wall of the metal tube and the resistance wire. The larger the distance the better,but excessive precision causes the blocking of the powder in the tube,so the distance must also be moderate.

The biggest advantage of Single centrality Powder Filling is that the powder can flow smoothly even for ultra-fine tube diameter products,because it has one or two less guide tubes than Double centrality or Triple centrality,so the space is relatively wider. The biggest disadvantage is that if it does not match the lifting speed,in the event that the magnesium powder flows too fast,there will be blockage(guide tube is blocked by the flowing magnesium powder). Therefore,the lifting speed of single centrality Powder Filling Machine must be adjusted accordingly. The two-layer guide tubes in a double centrality filling machine are not only used for centrality purposes. The outer guide tube is essentially a channel for the flow of magnesium powder,and the magnesium powder enters the heating tube along this channel during the process. The biggest advantage of double centrality powder filling machine is that there will never be any blockage like the single centrality powder filling machine. Secondly,there is no dust in the process of adding powder,which avoids air pollution. Single centrality powder filling machine is suitable for short tube,fine diameter,and large volume products,while double centrality or triple centrality powder filling machine are suitable for mass production of products with slightly thicker pipe diameter and longer pipe.

Motor Eccentric Wheel Vibration VS Electromagnetic Vibration

Eccentric wheel vibration and electromagnetic vibration are lateral vibration that drives the vibration plates to strike the Tubular Heaters to achieve the powder filling. Eccentric wheel vibration is actually the rotation of the eccentric wheel on the motor constantly striking the vibration plate. The amount of striking force of the heater tube is adjusted by the replacement eccentric wheel(the size of the eccentric degree varies). In general,for smaller diameter pipes,the eccentric is .5 mm,and for thicker diameter pipes,the eccentric is about .5 ~ 1 mm. When using the motor eccentric wheel vibration,in general,it is not affected by the frequency and voltage of the power grid,and this device has a long service life and will not be damaged under normal circumstances. The frequency of eccentric wheel vibration is not as high as that of electromagnetic vibration.

The principle of electromagnetic vibration is to use an electromagnet to generate a magnetic field when the Mgo power is turned on and an unsealed iron core(iron block) to produce resonance. The magnetically absorbed iron core(iron block),after being absorbed and resonated,drive the vibration plate to continuously strike the electric heat pipe. To adjust the amplitude of the electromagnetic vibration(force size),adjust the distance between the coil core and the unclosed core(iron block). For this distance,it is not the smaller the better,or the larger the better. Usually,it is best to be about 1 mm. The high vibration frequency and smoothness of electromagnetic vibration are ideal for filling powder to ultra-fine tube diameters. Electromagnetic vibration devices would sometimes be affected by the frequency of the power grid,and voltage fluctuations. In addition,due to the constant vibration work,the electromagnetic coil and the core should be fixed firmly,otherwise the coil is prone to bouncing,breaking the coil wires or lead wire. It is important to routinely check the vibration plate core(iron). Check if the displacement distance due to vibration is too large,which may cause the winding wires to be burnt.

Electrical Control VS PLC Program Control

Electrical control has been historically a general control method commonly used in powder filling machine. The latest powder filling Machines can still use the electrical control methods per user requirements. Electrical control can realize various functions of the powder filling machine,while facilitating the maintenance and repair by most manufacturers. Manufacturers can also improve the function of the powder filling machine according to the actual needs of the process. The main feature of the powder filling machine controlled by the PLC program is that the operational steps of various functions are programmed,and if there is an abnormal situation,the process will stop. With this feature,human error or the machine running during an abnormal situation can be avoided and the machine is protected. In addition,when there is an abnormal situation,it will be reflected on the touch screen,which makes it convenient for maintenance personnel to check the fault. The powder filling machine controlled by PLC program has a limit alarm feature for both the lifting height and the descending height,which improves the automatic control ability.

Tips for Selecting a Powder Filling Machine

Select the model according to the technical characteristics of your heaters. For example,if the product is small in diameter and short in length,your should choose the single centrality guaranteed electromagnetic vibration powder filling machine. For an ultra-long tube,you should choose a double or triple centrality guaranteed powder filling machine. For steel and aluminum products,choose electromagnetic vibration powder filler machines. In addition,After a model has been chosen,when ordering the machine,please provide us with the relevant data of the heaters.

A few points to note:

  1. The data provided must not be too wide for the compatibility. One set of filling fixture to produce a specific product. For example,the filling guid tubes is better to adapt to only one or two kinds of coils,do not make it too complicated.
  2. Accurately provide the actual range and specifications of raw material to be used,as well as the maximum tolerance.
  3. Provide data related to other auxiliary materials(e.g. magnesium powder,lead rod,plastic plugs,etc.). In addition,state the capacity desired for the machine. Then you can get the most suitable powder filling machine.

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