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Machines and Raw materials for making heating elements

Machines and Raw materials

get anything you need for making heating element, tube and wire

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Machines and Raw materials for making heating elements

How can we help you?

to stay one step ahead

how can we help you?
  • 20 years of experience in electrical heating industry. Over 2,000 types of products.

  • All products can be ordered based on actual needs. New machinery design only requires 48-hour turnaround to deliver a solution, particularly in our niche of automation solution.
  • Over 10 years of foreign trade experience. Extremely familiar with export procedures of each country.

  • Collaboration with the best courier delivery and shipping companies in the world. Significantly reduces the logistics time and risks.
  • Long-term cooperation with domestic and overseas major electric heater manufacturers, ensuring a leading edge in product innovation and price competitiveness.

  • Excluding customized products, if the customer could find a higher-quality and lower-price product, full refund is available within 7 days.

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