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Heater Testing And Feeding Machine SL01

Heater testing and feeding machine SL01

is used to test the high voltage after tube filled with MgO powder and then feed the tubes into tube rolling machine automatically.


PLC controlled automatically. It feeds the elements with a consistent space between them.
Easy to operate, no operator is required.
Automatically high voltage test and separate the undesirable element.
The feeding speed is adjustable, preventing any jam ups.

Main technical parameters:

Power supply: 220V,50Hz,60W
Air supply: 5~7kg/m2
Feeding speed: 5~15m/min.
Applicable tube diameter: 6.5mm~21.0mm
Applicable tube length: 100mm~3000mm
Size(L*W*H):1400*850*1100(mm)(one meter machine)

Video of Tube testing and feeding machine

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