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Filling machine for electric heater
Filling machine for electric heater

Filling machine TF01

Filling machine for heating elements

Filling machine TF02

Filling machine for tubular heaters

Filling machine TF03

jet nozzles for Filling machine

jet nozzles

hooks for Filling machine


Filling machine

is used to fill the tubes with MgO, and assure optimum centering of the coil in the element.

*Powder filling density could be above 2.17g/cm3. Almost zero MgO loss.
*Filling speed 100~1500 mm/min
*Min. coil diameter 1.5mm
*Vibration frequency variable 25~35hz
*Min. tube diameter:5.5mm


Bottom stand for the element tube
Tope stand with motor and clutch
Control box with frequency converter
Cable connection between control box and machine
Filling sets
Equipment for filling cartridge heaters(optional)
Equipment for filling elements with 2,3 or 4 coils(optional)

TF01 Filling machine often used for short tubes, max. 3 meters long, It is the most economical one.
TF02 Filling machine uses two filling tubes, like Kanthal type with jet nozzle. It is also applicable to aluminum double-tubes.
TF03 Filling machine has all the best benefits of all filling machine. Three filling tubes has been used. One inner and two outer tubes. One of the outer tubes work as a sleeve.It is often used for very long and large diameter tubes, max.6 meters long.

Main models:
Model TF01 TF02 TF03
Power supply 220V,50Hz, 1.5KW 220V,50Hz, 1.5KW 220V,50Hz, 2.0KW
Air supply 5~7kg/m2 5~7kg/m2 5~7kg/m2
Control mode PLC touch screen PLC switch PLC touch screen
Oscillation Mode motor fixed motor fixed electromagnetic following
Size(L*W*H)mm 1200*800*3200(one meter machine) 1000*1000*3200(one meter machine) 1800*850*3300 (one meter machine)
Weight(kgs) 550 700 600

Video of Filling machine TF01

Video of Filling machine TF02/TF03

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