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Manga De Alta Temperatura 600°C

Special fiberglass sleeving of 600 degree high temperature resistance

Technical information

  1. Temperature resistance:-60℃+600℃
  2. Working temperature: 400ºC ~ 500ºC
  3. Fire resistance:VW-1
  4. Voltage resistance:300-700V
  5. The high temperature resistance Sleeving is made of fiberglass yarn woven into a tube and then treated at high temperature.


Fiberglass sleeving of High temperature resistance is a special new type of fiberglass sleeving which is mainly used for automobile, shipbuilding, electrical elements, protection of electronic cable, illumination, motor machinery etc.

Regular sizes

SizesWall thicknessPackaging (m/roll)
Inner diameter(mm)Tolerance(mm)
φ0.5+0.5, -0.5≥0.25mm200
φ1.0+0.5, -0.5≥0.25mm200
φ1.5+0.5, -0.5≥0.25mm200
φ2.0+0.5, -0.5≥0.25mm200
φ2.5+0.5, -0.5≥0.30mm200
φ3.0+0.5, -0.5≥0.30mm200
φ4.0+0.5, -0.5≥0.30mm200
φ4.5+0.5, -0.5≥0.35mm100
φ5.0+0.5, -0.5≥0.35mm100
φ6.0+0.5, -0.5≥0.35mm100
φ7.0+0.5, -0.5≥0.40mm100
φ8.0+0.5, -0.5≥0.40mm100
φ9.0+0.5, -0.5≥0.45mm100
φ10.0+1.0 -1.0≥0.45mm100
φ12.0+1.0, -1.0≥0.45mm50
φ14.0+1.0, -1.0≥0.45mm50
φ16.0+1.0, -1.0≥0.45mm50
φ18.0+1.0, -1.0≥0.45mm50
φ20.0+1.0, -1.0≥0.50mm25
φ25.0+1.0, -1.0≥0.50mm25
φ30.0+1.0, -1.0≥0.50mm25

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