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Eddy Current Tester
Eddy Current Tester
  • Eddy Current Tester
  • Off Line Eddy Current Tester
  • Off Line Eddy Current Tester
  • Eddy current flaw detectors | Testers

    It can be used with the Tube Making Machine.

    The welded pipe eddy current flaw detector is used for online and offline inspection of welded pipes. It has high sensitivity to axial defects such as unfused welds, hidden seams, and open cracks. It also detects slow changing damage of the product caused by Welding Machine failure during the production process. Long tail injuries can be reliably detected.

    Performance Characteristics:

    1. Detection Channel: Dual-channel
    2. Detection speed: 1~500m/min (online)
    3. Frequency range: 100Hz-1MHz
    4. Gain: 0~99dB in 0.1dB steps
    5. Phase rotation: 0-360 degrees in 1 degree increment
    6. High pass: 0.1Hz~650Hz
    7. Low pass: 1Hz~10000Hz
    8. High-precision end, end-to-tail signal cutting function
    9. High-precision real-time, delayed alarm output
    10. Fast digital/analog electronic balancing
    11. It has the function of memory track delay blanking
    12. Non-equal amplitude phase/amplitude alarm domain
    13. Remote automated help system
    14. Synchronous alarm outputs for internal and external clock control


    Video: Eddy Current Tester

    Video: Off Line Eddy Current Tester

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