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Wire Decoiling Straightening And Cutting Machine XZ04
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    Main Features - XZ04

    1. The Straightening Machine comprises a frame, straightening mechanism, feeding mechanism, cutting mechanism, linear gun, wireframe, and other components.
    2. The straightening mechanism comprises a straightening shaft, straightening press and two end bearing blocks to complete the wire straightening work. It is powered by a motor installed in the lower part of the frame.
    3. High-speed rotation of straightening shaft by triangular tape
    4. The straightening and cutting devices each have motor drivers, so there is no interference. The two sets of front and rear wire feeding mechanisms can ensure smooth wire feeding, and the two motors are installed at the bottom of the machine, which increases the machine’s stability.
    5. The wire feed wheel/cutter, etc., are made of excellent alloy steel and treated with vacuum air to make them wear-resistant and have a longer service life. The straightening presses are made of cast iron/alloy/plastic king, etc. The shafts are made of 40CR or 45# steel and tempered, while the gears are made of forging billets, tempered and high-frequency quenching of tooth surface, with hardness up to HRC55-58 degrees, which can guarantee no surface scars on the wire.
    6. If you need to change the cutting length, move the positioning key; the cutting length can be adjusted arbitrarily. The error is small, and with the high hardness of the upper and lower cutting knife, the cut is smooth and burr-free

    Main Model Specification List - XZ04

    ModelWire diameter(mm)Max. Cutting Length(mm)Straightening Pumping Speed(r/min)Straightening Efficiency(m/min)Motor power(kW)Overall Machine Dimension(mm)Weight(kgs)Power SupplyAir Supply
    XZ04-1.81~1.88501946.5201.852000x290x860100Three-phase 380V,50Hz0.4~0.6Mpa
    The above parameters are for reference only. Beyond the requirements of the upper specifications, we can make machine customization. They can be customized into square or flat (hexagonal line) shaped straightening and cutting Machines.


    Video: Wire Decoiling Straightening And Cutting Machine XZ04

    Video: Hydraulic Flat Copper Wire Straightening And Cutting Machine XZ04SB-Y

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