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tube deburring machine MB02
tube deburring machine MB02

Tube Deburring Machine Mb02


tube deburring machine MB01

Tube deburring machine

mainly used to deburr and chamfer kinds of round tubes and rods.

MB01 single end deburring machine

*No limit for tube diameter, length.
*Deburr tube ends by high-speed wire wheel.
*Easy to operate, high efficiency.

MB02 Automatic both ends deburring machine

*Feeding automatically by chain, deburr both ends at the same time.
*Deburring both inside and outside of tube ends at the same time by high-speed steel wire wheel.
*Easy to operate and adjust the tube length.

M02 Automatic deburring machine-Round and square tube(1.5M/3M)

Power:Three phase 380V,50Hz (or custom made)
Deburring wheel:Steel wire wheels
Transmission method: Feeding and transmission by nylon chain automatically, without hurting the tubes.
Deburring method:deburring the tubes at both ends simultaneously and automatically.
Tube length:200-1500mm/3000m(or custom made)
Tube diameter:Round and square tube:50mm max.

Main Models
Power supplyTriphase 380V,50Hz,1.5KWTriphase 380V,50Hz,3.5KW
Tube diameter(mm)Φ4~Φ20Φ6~Φ12(over this range can be custom-made)
Tube length(mm)Above 150100~1000
Efficiency(8h)About 5000pcs60000pcs

Video of Tube deburring machine MB01

Video of Tube deburring machine MB02

Video of M02 Automatic deburring machine-Round and square tube(1.5M/3M)


Video: Tube Deburring Machine MB02

Video: Tube Deburring Machine MB01

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