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Tube deburring machine Metal tube deburring machine

Tube deburring machine

mainly used to deburr and chamfer kinds of round tubes and rods.

MB01 single end deburring machine

*No limit for tube diameter, length.
*Deburr tube ends by high-speed wire wheel.
*Easy to operate, high efficiency.

MB02 Automatic both ends deburring machine

*Feeding automatically by chain, deburr both ends at the same time.
*Deburring both inside and outside of tube ends at the same time by high-speed steel wire wheel.
*Easy to operate and adjust the tube length.

Main Models
Model MB01 MB02
Power supply Triphase 380V,50Hz,1.5KW Triphase 380V,50Hz,3.5KW
Tube diameter(mm) Φ4~Φ20 Φ6~Φ12(over this range can be custom-made)
Tube length(mm) Above 150 100~1000
Efficiency(8h) About 5000pcs 60000pcs
Size(L*W*H)mm 600*620*1200 1900*1800*1200
Weight(kgs) 130 580

Video of Tube deburring machine MB01

Video of Tube deburring machine MB02

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