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Coiling Machine For Industrial Resistive Coil

Winding Machine for Industrial Electric Furnace Wire RX04

Product Applications

They are used for winding spring-like electric heating wires and resistance coil for industrial furnaces.

Product Features

Especially for the electric heating wire, our company has developed a Winding Machine with two stations for different wire diameters. The winding wire pitch can be set directly on the touch screen, no need hot stretching, thus saving additional processing, labor, and cost.

  1. Fast speed, high precision, accurate resistance, good coaxiality, smooth and elastic, High winding quality, automatic stop for lack of wire or wire breakage.
  2. Simultaneous single/double wire winding is possible with various winding specifications.
  3. One-time forming, and automatic cutting, thus avoiding manual shearing errors and improving the stability of the product.
  4. Full set of carbide cutting tools, well-trained workers, and providing technical support all year round.
  5. Power supply: single-phase AC220V,50HZ
  6. Power: 800W
  7. Dimensions: 410*1000*1600(mm)


Video: Coiling Machine For Industrial Resistive Coil

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