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CNC Automatic Wire Decoiling Straightening And Cutting Machine XZ04SXH
CNC Automatic Wire Decoiling Straightening And Cutting Machine XZ04SXH
  • CNC Wire Decoiling Straightening And Cutting Machine XZ04SXH
  • Machine XZ04SXH
  • Machine XZ04SXH
  • High Precision Metal Wire Samples2
  • High Precision Metal Wire Samples2
  • High Precision Metal Wire Samples
  • High Precision Metal Wire Samples
  • Fully-Automatic CNC High Precision Fine Wire or Pipe Straightening and Cutting Machine

    CNC Automatic high precision straightening and cutting machine can be used to process and produce all kinds of ultra-fine metal wire or capillary tube. From wire feeding, to straightening, to cutting, the entire process is controlled by an intelligent center. Straightness and surface-flatness alteration with high precision, fast speed, low noise, less pollution, stable performance, strong control, and easy to learn.

    Scope of application

    1. Materials: stainless steel, copper, iron, carbon steel, aluminum, gold, silver, titanium, zirconium, manganese, molybdenum, tungsten and galvanized wire etc.
    2. Can straighten the metal wire (metal capillary) with a diameter of: Ф0.1mm ----Ф8.5mm.
    3. Cutting length: minimum 3mm. Digital control with flexible setting, and maximum length is unlimited (determined by the material toughness of the wire)
    4. Aerospace, locomotive accessories, high-precision medical equipment, beauty needles, precision electronic appliances, precision instruments, electric shaft core, lighting, iron, toys, furniture and other metal wire and capillary class straightening, cutting processing.


    1. Easy to operate, safe and convenient to use, low skill requirements for control managers (one person can manage multiple devices).
    2. Intelligent automatic control of receiving and releasing wire frame. It can automatically locate the center of the spool, change the speed according to the change of the straightening traction speed, and automatically control the wire tension
    3. The wire is automatically guided by a universal misalignment device, which minimizes the distance of the wire placement and allowing the placement of the wire in any direction (both forward and backward), reducing the space needed for operations.
    4. Through the auxiliary power pressure wheel, the metal wire goes through an automatic tension detection sensing device, which is an effective solution to the twisting and fracture problems, as well as, defective spiral grain on the wire during processing and production
    5. During processing, the machine can be set to actively clean the oil and dirt impurities on the wire material. Lubricating materials can be added according to the material needs. (Such as: stretch lubricating powder, talcum powder, gypsum powder, graphite lubricating powder and other environmentally friendly materials.)
    6. The servo setting length is more accurate, and the straightening speed can be stepless according to the toughness of the wire.
    7. Intelligent control automatic wire precision straightening, the wire in the precision servo clutch promotion from the linear concentric conversion to the crankshaft concentric, in the high-speed asynchronous power transmission, completely and quickly to achieve the automatic straightening of the wire, and the whole process of consumables wear monitoring and automatic synchronous precision compensation, effectively improve the production efficiency, to ensure high quality product process. Reduce the waste of Raw Materials.
    8. By smoothly applying pressure with multiple groups of rollers, with a steady speed traction by the servo driver and precise data sensing by the filament line, the wire undergoes high-speed centrifugal grinding, rinsing and wipe down. The wire is precisely cut with the cross section being flat and smooth without deformation. (Such as, adding Talc grinding block, oil stone grinding block, graphite grinding block, etc., together with grinding cleaning fluid and other environmentally friendly materials during use.)
    9. The whole operation process of the equipment adopts PLC program control, multi-language interface operation instructions, with several safety prevention and operation monitoring systems and early warning / alarm system. It guarantees the stability of equipment operation and effectively improves the product qualification rate.
    10. The equipment has automatic safety prevention and automatic operation stability detection and early warning, alarm system and text prompt description.
    11. During the machine operation, there is no oil, pollution, or loud noise. Precision adjustment settings can be made according to the various types of metal wire material toughness. The machine is made of a fine steel structure, stable and compact, ensuring smooth operation, occupying a small operation area, and is simple to maintain and disassemble. This makes it very efficient, energy saving, and environmental friendly.

    Main Models

    Equipment ModelsXZ04SXH-1.5XZ04SXH-3.5XZ04SXH-6.5XZ04SXH-8.5Remark
    Wire DiameterΦ0.2~1.5mmΦ1.0~3.5mmΦ3.0~6.5mmΦ4.5~8.5mmIt varies according to the toughness of the wire material and the cutting length.
    Straightening Efficiency1~12m/min6~30m/min9~30m/min15~30m/min
    Length Defective Tolerance±0.1mm±0.1mm±0.1mm±0.1mm
    Oil ImpuritiesCan be washedCan be washedCan be washedCan be washedMultiple choices
    Grinding and Wipe DownNoneYesYesYesMultiple choices
    Trimming methodIntelligent Tracking/Cutting Intelligent Tracking/fixed cut/ TouchIntelligent Tracking/fixed cut/ TouchIntelligent Tracking/fixed cut/ TouchProgrammed mechanical
    Alignment LossAutomatic CompensationAutomatic CompensationAutomatic CompensationAutomatic CompensationStraightening Wheel Wear Value
    Degree of automationAutomaticAutomaticAutomaticAutomaticIntegrated Control Center
    Maximum powerAbout 3.0kwAbout 3.8kwAbout 4.5kwAbout 5.5kwMachine power
    Machine Dimensions1660×910×1330mm1630×910×1330mm1950×910×1330mm2330×910×1330mmL×W×H mm
    Weight360KG430KG480KG530KGMain Machine
    Intelligent control of the collection/release rack load100KG300KG500KG500KGAccessories
    Automatic Drop-Off MechanismYesYesYesYesAccessories


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