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Cnc Coiling Machine RX02
Cnc Coiling Machine RX02
  • Cnc Coiling Machine RX02
  • Sample Of CNC Coiling Machine
  • Sample Of Cnc Coiling Machine
  • CNC coiling machine RX02

    Could be used for winding Resistance Wire into kinds of spirals, like taper headed, cylinder-shaped, camber-shaped, hourglass shaped.

    This machine adopts high precision computer to control the axis of feeding and cam. The computer uses Japan wafer controller and Pentium CPU. The operation system is from Taiwan. 13.3” Liquid Crystal Display, safe and environmental protection.

    Main technical parameter

    1. resistance wire dia.:0.50~2.5mm
    2. Spring dia. After coiling:≤50mm
    3. Direction of coiling:Right or left
    4. Feeding axis value:±1-±999999
    5. Feeding length:No limit
    6. Feeding speed:≧100m/min.
    7. Cam value:±0.1~±359.9°
    8. Cam axis rotate speed:≧250 turns/min.
    9. Control cylinder:4pcs
    10. Control probe:2pcs
    11. Feeding servo-motor:2.7kw
    12. Cam servo-motor:2.7kw
    13. Power supply:380v 50HZ
    14. Weight:1000kgs
    15. Size(L*W*H):800*900*1450mm


    Video: Cnc Coiling Machine RX02

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