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Automatic Tube Cutting Machine Without Burrs

Automatic tube cutting machine

It is suitable for cutting round tubes of copper, iron and stainless steel.

Main Features

  1. PLC and touch screen controlled. Highly accurate cut lengths
  2. Burr free tube ends
  3. No internal contamination from chips, grease, or oil
  4. It will cut stainless steel, incoloy, copper and mild steel tubing.
  5. Standard collets are used to clamp the tubing, and this makes changing diameters very simple and fast
  6. The cutoff length is also easily adjustable on the touch screen.
  7. The workpiece rotate and will be cut automatically, when the targe yield is achieved, the machine stops automatically.

Main technical parameters

  1. Power supply:AC380V,50Hz
  2. Air supply:5~7 kg/cm2
  3. Tube O.D.(mm):Φ5.0~Φ25.0
  4. Efficiency(8h):about 30000pcs
  5. Size(L*W*H)mm:Size of main machine:800*500*900mm,Size of feeding part: 5500*730*640mm(6meters long tube)
  6. Weight(kgs): 300


Video: Automatic Tube Cutting Machine Without Burrs QG02

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