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Tube Cutting Machine QG04

Tube cutting machine

It can be used with Tube Making Machine

It is mainly suitable for the cutting work after tube making machine, and can also be applied to the subsequent cutting processing of continuous linear output after straightening of various tubes.

Key features

  1. Automatic speed measurement, automatic tool following.
  2. PLC automatic control, touch screen operation.
  3. The encoder reads the length data and cuts off the length accurately.
  4. Annular extrusion and cutting, the nozzle is flush, and the burr is small.

Main technical parameters:

  1. Power supply: three-phase 380V.50HZ
  2. Air supply: 5~7kg/cm.
  3. Rated power: 2.8KW.
  4. Applicable tube diameter: Ф5mm~12mm (Can be custom-made )
  5. Applicable length: 300mm~6000mm.
  6. Size: 1800x700x1500 (mm).
  7. Weight: 850kg.


Video: Tube Cutting Machine QG04

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