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Spot Annealing Machine TH01
Spot Annealing Machine TH01
  • Spot Annealing Machine TH01
  • Partial Annealing
  • Partial Annealing
  • Spot annealing machine TH01

    The TOPE Spot Annealing Machine is designed to quickly and efficiently anneal either particular sections of elements or their entire length after they have been reduced.

    Unlike other annealing machines that use time-based controls, our machine is not affected by variations in tube materials or tube wall thickness. The preset temperature can be changed quickly. The machine can accommodate different element lengths by manually moving the carriages and the eject hangers.

    The elements are hand-loaded into the machine and automatically unloaded if the element length is short enough to be ejected. If the element length is over the eject length, the element must be manually unloaded. The following chart gives some typical annealing times for specific elements.

    *fast and inexpensive method for annealing your elements
    *element length or diameter change takes less than 5 minutes
    *infrared sensor is used to accurately control the annealing temperature
    *can be used to anneal portions of the element or the entire length
    *transformer, cables, and electrodes are water-cooled

    Machine Specifications:

    Power supply: Two-phase 380V, 50Hz
    Air supply:5~7 kg/cm2
    rated power:40KW
    Water supply:7.6liters/min.
    Applicable tube diameter: Φ5mm~Φ20mm
    Applicable tube length:150 mm ~1000 mm or 2000mm(2 meter machine)
    Infra red accuracy:+/-1% of reading
    Infra red repeatability: +/-1% of reading
    Recommended temperatures:740℃ for copper, 1200℃ for stainless/incoloy
    Maximum temperature: The infra-red system is capable of reading temperature up to 1370℃.

    Material Element dia. Annealed length Temperature Time
    Incoloy840 8mm 1meter 1200℃ 21 seconds
    Incoloy840 6.6mm 900mm 1200℃ 20 seconds
    Incoloy840 11mm 152mm 1200℃ 8 seconds
    Copper 8mm 430mm 659℃ 10 seconds

    Video of Spot annealing machine

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