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Photos 1 Technical Parameters 2 Decomposition furnace parameters: 3 Purification device: 4 Main component 5 Composition 6 Describes the structure of each component 7 Annexation
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Bright Annealing furnace
MACHINES --- Anneal Heaters --- Bright Annealing Furnace

Protective Atmosphere Bright Annealing Furnace

Bright Annealing Furnace is mainly used for bright annealing of nickel-based alloy tubes and austenitic Stainless Steel Tubes. The furnace type is flat. After annealing, the surface is uniform and bright, without oxidation color and oxidation spots.

Heat-treated steel tube grades: Ni-based series alloy tubes, 301 304 304L 316 316L 321, etc.

Note: Before production, the annealed material must be degreased and degreased on the inner and outer surfaces of the tube, clean and dry without any oxides before it can enter the bright annealing furnace.

Technical Parameters

  1. Heating power: 80~110kw (power is adjustable and controllable)
  2. Heating temperature zone: 3+1 temperature zone (including preheating)
  3. Max. working temperature: 1150℃
  4. Optimum working temperature range: 900-1080℃
  5. Furnace temperature uniformity: ±5℃
  6. Temperature control method: PID (proportional calculus)
  7. Set point control accuracy: ±1℃
  8. Feeding table length: 1500mm
  9. Feed sleeve length: 4000mm (including preheating section)
  10. Heating furnace muffle tank length: 4700mm
  11. Muffle tank cross-sectional cavity size: 320*180*240mm (width*height*maximum camber, top pressed corrugated ribs)
  12. Length of atmosphere cooling water jacket section (5 sections): 9000mm
  13. Length of unload work surface: 1500mm
  14. Transmission carrier width: 300mm
  15. Transmission power: 0.75KW
  16. Maximum feeding height: 60mm
  17. Transmission speed range: 50~500mm/min. Frequency control, the linear speed of the transmission carrier can be directly displayed on the monitor.
  18. Voltage (power supply voltage): 220V 60HZ
  19. Cooling water consumption (flow rate): 16M3/hour (pressure less than 0.25Mpa)
  20. Cooling water inlet temperature: 24°C
  21. Cooling water outlet temperature: 50°C
  22. Equipment dimensions (length × width × height): 20000 × 1650 × 2100mm
  23. Type of protective gas: AX gas (Note: One kilogram of liquid ammonia can be decomposed into 2.64M3 ammonia decomposition gas, the main gases containing: H2 75%, N2 25% (referred to as AX atmosphere))
  24. Nitrogen charging flow: 12m3/hour
  25. Nitrogen charging time: 15 minutes
  26. Front and rear rollers (with power): The length of each Roller is 3 meters. Two sets are required, each with a length of 3 meters. Users can make or purchase them by themselves. )
  27. Total length of equipment: about 26 meters (of which the length of the front and rear rollers is 6 meters)
  28. Total weight of equipment: about 16 tons

Decomposition furnace parameters:

(Specially designed for bright annealing treatment of export pipes) (containing ammonia vaporization device)

  1. Heating power: 36kw (power adjustable)
  2. Gas production: 30m3/h
  3. Operating temperature: 800--830℃

Purification device:

  1. Rated temperature: 300°C
  2. Adsorption tower heating: 3KW×2 units
  3. Purification capacity: 30m 3 /h
  4. Dew point: ≤-60°C

Main component

NO.SpecificationNameSupporting manufacturer
1BT108C-5Intelligent digital temperature control meterBOTA
2WRN-133 K indexingThermoelectric coupleNanjing Jiangsu Optical Instruments Factory
3N2-402Digital display frequency conversion governorTaiwan/Tai 'an
4KS 200A/1200VThyristorWister
5LC1DAc relaySchneider (France)
6DZ20Y 250A-3300Circuit breakerCHINT ELECTRIC
8AD16-22Signal lampCHINT ELECTRIC
9Material 310S.(40000x300xΦ3)Mesh beltJiangsu Qunying
10HT135 FeCrAlHigh temperature Resistance WireCantel joint venture Factory
11Material 310S thickness 8-10mmHeating furnace MuffleInlet plate
12310S thickness 6mmAmmonia decomposition decomposition furnace linerJoint venture Huaxin Group
13Z107 16×16×6mmNickel catalystHaohua Chemical Science & Technology
14BWEY2215-1849-1.1KWCycloidal pin gear reducerTAIXING
15High temperature insulation board 1000×600×25mmFurnace body heat resistant fiberJoint venture Isolette
16High temperature mullite insulation brick 230*113*65mmHeating furnace liningYixing, Jiangsu


Main components: feed preheating section, heating furnace body, furnace lining, heat-resistant steel muffle components, transmission carrier, cooling water jacket, transmission system, electric control cabinet, gas distribution system, furnace mouth adjustment device, system safety device and It consists of front and rear rollers and other components.

Describes the structure of each component

1.Furnace lining

The lining of the annealing furnace adopts the British Morgan composite lining manufacturing technology. The upper part of the furnace is a full-fiber ceiling, which is fixed with heat-resistant steel hangers. The insulation material is made of 40mm high-aluminum needle-punched fiber blankets, and its fire resistance reaches 1450°. C. The upper furnace lining is light in weight, has good high-temperature performance, and can be used continuously for many years without maintenance; the bottom of the furnace is made of high-alumina bricks as the muffle support, and the surrounding full-fiber furnace lining is used. It has less heat melt, excellent thermal insulation performance, and fast temperature rise. At the same time The furnace surface temperature is significantly lower than the relevant national standards for resistance furnace surface temperature.

2. Muffle

This bright furnace muffle is made of imported high-quality heat-resistant steel plates with a thickness of 8mm (and comes with a 310S material warranty). After the welding is completed, it is tested for leaks under 0.3Mpa water pressure (the actual air pressure used by the muffle is 0.06MPa); In order to ensure that the muffle is less deformed under high temperature conditions, the top of the muffle is pressed into wavy using a 400-ton press, which can significantly reduce the amount of high-temperature deformation during the hot operation of the furnace. The maintenance of the muffle tank is simple and convenient, and the replacement will not affect or damage the furnace lining, refractory bricks, electric furnace wire and other components.

3. Transmission Carrier

The transmission carrier uses heat-resistant stainless steel wire mesh as the transmission carrier of the tube. The transmission carrier drive is controlled by a frequency converter, and the speed is adjusted within the range of 50~500mm/min. It is also equipped with a digital frequency modulator to directly display the linear speed of the transmission carrier. Carriers operating at normal high temperatures will become longer due to heating. The equipment adopts guide anti-deviation and tension adjustment devices as well as length expansion and contraction or sinking mechanisms to maintain the tension of the carrier with maximum productivity and smooth operation, thereby ensuring the stability and reliability of the annealing quality of the workpiece.

4. Inlet and outlet chamber

The overall shape of the high-temperature bright annealing furnace is a "flat" structure (the sag of the preheating section and cooling section is <15 degrees or so). The front and rear inlet and outlet chambers are made of high-quality steel (commonly used steel number Q235-A) and are folded into a hollow center. At the same time, the front and rear working base surfaces are kept level, and dense curtains and protective gas self-overflow sealing doors are used at both ends of the furnace mouth. The environment outside the furnace has little interference with the furnace gas, and there is no need to use other (gas or fire) curtain seals at the furnace mouth. measures, thereby saving gas consumption and ensuring production safety.

5. Front and rear doors

Manual pull-out refractory soft sealing curtains are installed at the front and rear furnace mouths, allowing free entry and exit regardless of tube diameter. This can minimize the consumption of protective gas and reduce heat energy loss; refractory rope barriers to block hydrogen are installed in the front and rear boxes. There are several layers of thermal insulation curtains made of 3mm Refractory Ceramic fiber cloth.

6. Hearth Shell

The furnace frame is welded by a combination of various shaped steels and steel plates. The shaped steel is not less than the national standard 120 channel steel to make the frame structure. The furnace shell is made of δ=5mm steel plate. The side plates of the furnace surface are reinforced with ribs. The holes for placing the heating elements are stamped and formed to improve the quality of the furnace. The steel strength of the furnace shell.

7. Atmosphere cooling section

Our company provides a matching ammonia decomposition atmosphere generator. The leading part at the rear end of the heating furnace is an atmosphere cooling section. The protective atmosphere that can adjust the flow rate is sprayed onto the surface of the pipe through the air flow pipe plate, and the pipe material is quickly cooled. The air-cooling section is a double-layer structure, each made of 5mm high-quality boiler steel plates that are bent, formed and welded. A water flow guide plate is set in the middle of the inner and outer chambers, and circulating water is introduced to cool the outer wall of the inner chamber. The water volume and temperature can be adjusted and detected. A roller mechanism is set at the bottom to facilitate the overall displacement of the muffle tank, and the rollers are assembled with CKS bearings. The air-cooling section has high welding quality requirements. After welding, it must be tested for leaks under 0.2Mpa water pressure and ensure good sealing, no leakage, no deformation, and no desoldering during long-term use. A water thermometer is installed on the top surface of the water jacket, and the surface is painted with temperature-resistant and anti-rust paint.

8.Cooling water jacket

The trailing part of the air-cooling section is composed of four sections of cooling water jackets. Its function is to cool the running tube fittings in the inner jacket of the interlayer to ≤60°C before being discharged. The water jacket has a double-layer structure, which is bent and welded with 5mm high-quality boiler steel plates. A water flow guide plate is installed in the middle of the inner and outer chambers to allow circulating water to cool the outer wall of the inner chamber. The welding quality of the water jacket is required to be high. After welding, it must be tested for leakage under 0.2Mpa water pressure and ensure that it will not leak, deform, or desolder during long-term use. A water thermometer is installed on the top surface of the water jacket, and the surface is painted with temperature-resistant and anti-rust paint to prevent rust.

9. Feed preheating section

The preheating section is the front part of bright annealing furnace. Used for drying, preheating cold load. Advantages The production speed can be increased, the power consumption in the heating zone can be reduced, the service life of the Muffle can can be extended, and the deformation can be overcome.

Main technical parameters:

1Rated powerKW20
2Rated voltageV380
3Heating zone1
4Connection modephase3
5Max. temperature350
6Service operating temperature250-350
7Length of preheating sectionmm1200

10.Electrical control

The heating power of this furnace can be adjusted. Due to the use of upper and lower heating wires and excellent composite furnace lining, the process temperature can be raised to 1080°C in ≤4-6h. The heating adopts thyristor and PID control to phase shift and trigger automatic temperature control. At the same time, it is interlocked with the alarm and cooling cycle water and electricity contact thermometer for monitoring. The temperature in the 4 zones is controlled by 4 thermocouple signal transmission temperature controllers inserted in the top furnace lining. The electronic components are made of high-quality domestic and foreign products. It has good performance, long service life, quality is absolutely guaranteed, and can be used for many years.

11. Ammonia decomposition generation and purification device

Designed and manufactured in accordance with JB6759-93 national standard for endothermic gas generating devices. The ammonia decomposition generator and purification device have an integrated design structure, which is beautiful as a whole and compact in structure. It improves the old form of the previous generation device and realizes superficial operation. All valves, flow juice, pressure gauges and instruments, and buttons are installed on the operating side panel. Work is flexible and convenient. In order to prevent accidents, there are air pressure alarms and overpressure safety valves, and an emergency nitrogen flushing interface is left on the furnace. The generator reactor is welded with seamless heat-resistant steel pipes. The welds have passed flaw detection and pressure testing, and the high-temperature performance is stable. The reactor is equipped with a cylindrical hexagonal nickel catalyst, which is active at around 800°C and can be reactivated for repeated use. The ammonia decomposition inner tank is made of 310S heat-resistant stainless steel tube. The heating of the generator furnace and the purification adsorption tower are controlled by thyristor, and the temperature adopts PID self-tuning function. It is also equipped with an alarm system when the gas supply system of the ammonia decomposition and purification device leaks, and is equipped with an electric contact pressure gauge to set the alarm for the furnace pressure of the generator.


6 heating wires of heating furnace, 2 heating wires of ammonia decomposition furnace, 6 wire tubes, 6 sets of plugs, 2 thyristor tubes and 1 thermocouple.


Video: bright annealing furnace

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