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Bright Annealing Oven 2

Bright annealing oven and furnace TH03

Introduction of annealing furnace

The Mesh belt bright annealing Furnace with protective atmosphere is mainly used for nickel-based alloy and austenitic stainless steel tubes, after annealing, the surface is uniformly bright without oxidation and oxidative stain.

Note: Before annealing, the inner and outer surfaces of the tubes of following materials must be cleaned by degreasing, and dried without any oxide. Then you can put the tubes into the annealing furnace.

Heat treatment steel grades: Ni-based alloys tube, 301 304 304L 316 316L 321
Heating element length: 0.6m - 8m

Components of annealing furnace

The annealing furnace is mainly consists of oven body, heat-resistant steel muffle, water cooling device, transporting device, electric control cabinet, ammonia decomposition and purification devices,gas distribution device, adjusting device, system, safety devices and other components.

Main technical parameters of annealing furnace:

1PowerKW90-120Adjustable (including preheating zone)
2Rated voltageV380
3Working temp.°C700~1080Continuously adjustable, controllable
4Muffle cavity sizemm4600*320*150L*W*H
5Oven sizemm18500*1860*1910L*W*H
6Maximum height of oven mouth for feeding workpiecemm120
7Heating zones4 zones(Including preheating zone)
8Width of mesh beltmm300314*300*39000mm
9Speed of mesh beltmm/min50~500online speed display
10Heating elementHeating wire
11Temperature uniformity of muffle section°C±5
12Temperature meter accuracy±1
13Cooling water consumptionm3/h0.1
14Furnace atmosphereAmmonia decomposition protective atmosphere75%H2+25%N2
15Gas production of ammonia decompositionm3/h30
16Operation tem. of ammonia decomposition°C800-850
17Heating power of ammonia decompositionKW36
18Original gasNH3(Ammonia First Grade)
19Residual of ammonia gasppm≤ 4
20Max. consumption of ammoniakg/h≤ 12

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